30-Day is a long time in a Startup’s life at Foundership!

Cases how we impacted a few startups positively in 30 days!

Startup 1

Startup 2

  • identified missing pieces in the value proposition
  • identified key components to add in the product offering that will increase usage (daily/weekly)
  • established clear separation of DIY /DIFM product and a higher pricing for premium customers
  • customer acquisition channel experiments

Startup 3

  • Positioning & Website/Landing Page Copy
  • Strategy and tactics to acquire ideal customers
  • Product roadmap
  • We wrote their landing pages copy
  • Founders started surveying ideal customers
  • Founders launched landing pages with a focus to acquire high-value customers
  • Founders saw a big opportunity to go global with 10x higher revenue opportunities

Startup 4

Startup 5

Startup 6

Startups in Foundership’s 30-Day Execution Program in Feb 2021 Cohort

Want to achieve ONE thing for your startup in 30 days?



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