Popeye the Sailorman! Do you remember the famous cartoon character? A lot of us in the ’80s were formed by Popeye’s adventures and he also introduced us to the world of a Sailor, Ships, boats, and the seas.

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When you start a business, you start with a couple of tools, but you get to hear and use a lot more over the years.

While running a startup, here are the tools I came across…

I am now looking for new avenues to work! I am exploring an intense and growth-focused consulting role.


Explara is safe, and it will survive. My co-founder Ashok will lead along with team members. As the event industry has gone down, I have full-time in my hand to offer…

Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

We are predicting this the same way we had cautioned the world during WeWork’s acquisition of Meetup and its implications, you can read here https://medium.com/explara/what-explara-learned-from-meetups-acquisition-e74282f71e60

That was in Nov 2017, fast forward to Oct 2019, the truth is out, Meetup wants (starting with beta testing) to stop the free network…

Santosh Panda

Partner & Co-founder @FoundershipHQ Optimist. Super fighter. Prev: Started up in 2007 to Launch India’s First DIY Event Platform @Explara

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