Founders: All are on your side!

Santosh Panda
Jun 8, 2022


You don’t have to put yourself on any side.

All are on your side.

Let me explain what I mean by this.👇

When each Founder starts up. They find their set of :
incubators/ accelerators
and more

And, Founders also find a world out there that is least bothered about what we are doing.

That’s when Founders start to choose sides based on who they perceive on their side.
Sounds perfectly fine.

But it is not.

Entrepreneurship is a long journey. What made sense today may not make sense tomorrow. Who’s on your side today (as you perceive) might not remain so tomorrow.
What will remain true is that you need many doors to be opened in the journey.

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Santosh Panda

CoFounder -Foundership : Web3 Accelerator VC. Prev: CEO @Explara 2008-20| Engg eBay UK / BBCiPlayer /Comicrelief