Has anyone seen web3? I can’t find it.

Santosh Panda
4 min readJul 14, 2022

The frequent questions:
What’s Web3? Does it work?
Could you show me ‘real’ use cases of products built with Web3 technology/ philosophies?
Web3 is all crypto?
How to learn Web3?
How to Launch a Web3 Startup?

We at Foundership decided to DO to answer these questions.

1. What’s Web3? Does it work?

The best answer to What’s Web3 is here https://ethereum.org/en/web3/

When we hosted the first Web3 Cohort in Nov-Dec 2021, I could invite many successful Founders & CXOs (SaaS, Media, B2B, B2C from across industries) to join to learn.

We hosted 14 Masterclasses by 12 Web3 Founders & Leaders.

  • AgriTech
  • Social Web3
  • Traditional receivables financing
  • Blockchain Technology Platform
  • Community Commerce
  • and more

Participants were spellbound.

2. Could you show me ‘real’ use cases of products built with Web3 technology/ philosophies? Web3 is all crypto?

If you still think Web3 is all hype and crypto, here are the articles to learn more ‘real’ use cases of products built with Web3 technology/philosophies.

Not Boring by Packy McCormick -1

Not Boring by Packy McCormick -2

Web3 Use Cases: The Future



More products are getting built with Web3:👇

You will need some hours to read the above links, and please bookmark this post.

Pls note: Web2 is here to stay. Some parts of Web3 products and solutions will have Web2 technology components too.

Same as online commerce there and offline business there too.

3. How to learn Web3?

There are excellent materials on the web; google it.

But, you will get super with https://www.useweb3.xyz/

4. How to Launch a Web3 Startup?

We ran several cohorts to help Founders & Leaders learn web3. But the frequent question: How to Launch a Web3 Startup?

It is easy to launch a Startup! However, the first 12–24 months of a startup are critical. Unfortunately, more than 90% of startups fail in execution as they miss out on finding the right direction.

Not having support during the idea to the early-building stage to choose the right problem, Technology, market, early validations and more factors add to the fact that 90% of startups fail in execution.

Failing in a Startup is the costliest problem for a Founder. Founders are the last man standing.

We have run businesses for decades. So we knew the practical problems to solve this.

Bringing the best way to Launch a Web3 Startup.

Camp + Coaches + Community! That’s a 3C model to Launch a Web3 Startup successfully.

Let me share how it works?

Camp — We devised a new model. We call it the 0xCamp.

Each startup is different; therefore, engaging with them 1–1 to solve their challenges and execution model is key. Therefore, dedicated Coaches for each Web3 Startup in the Camp to enable them to head in the right direction of Launching!

In the existing world of incubators and accelerators, 2x founders & leaders as mentors don’t get a rewarding experience, just a PR /media mention as a reward.

We fixed that!

Coaches — CaochDAO

Many coaches wanted to get involved deeper to ensure they have skin in the game approach than a transactional relationship. They liked Foundership’s Philosophy: We coach Startups in Camps (0xCamp and also LaunchCamp) to succeed and co-create wealth in the process. Coaches are rewarded with equity/ token in the Startup they engage during the LaunchCamp. Find more here: https://blog.foundershiphq.com/foundership-coachdao-cl3v2p7tp954471kpbqpfv9k8q/

Now the C for Community:

One of the key tenets of community is to build a “Give First” philosophy, which encourages everyone to share first — Knowledge, Information, Networks, Connections & Referrals.

Foundership Community is to Give First to Web3 Startups in their journey to get adopters, feedback, support and be part of the value.

Our first Result from the 3C model to Launch a Web3 Startup successfully: 👇

We hosted 0xCamp in Bengaluru.

  • We received 71 Web3 Teams applications.
  • As a result, we invited 34 teams to the 0xCamp IRL Masterclasses.
  • We had Coaches reviewing Web3 Teams to select for the remaining 0xCamp IVL sessions.
  • CoachDAO selected 18 teams to join the 3-week IVL Cohort. Ongoing!

We got fantastic feedback.

See more here https://twitter.com/search?q=0xcamp&src=recent_search_click

Now 🔥

Launching Beyond Bengaluru to All India and Going Global

-NCR: 30th July 2022

-Chennai: 10th August 2022

-Mumbai & Pune: 20th August 2022

-Hyderabad: 10th September 2022


-0xCamp Global: 17th September 2022 onwards

What’s 0xCamp Global

Several Web3 Teams in the idea /early product development stage applied for 0xCamp from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and more.

We also got several applications from many 2nd and 3rd-tier cities in India.

We believe the best teams are there in every city and the world should see 1000s of Web3 companies being built from 100s of cities and not just concentrate in a few cities.

If you have a Web3 idea or have just started building it, we’re coming to you with 0xCamp Global. A fully 3-week IVL program for Web3 teams anywhere in the world.

Launch your Web3 Idea to a Startup: 👇

Apply for upcoming 0xCamps All Indian Cities.

Apply for 0xCamp Global: https://tally.so/r/3lbNRk 👈

👉Know a friend/connections with a Web3 Idea or have just started building it? Help them to BUIDL the right way with Foundership’s 0xCamp. Please share this post with them.

👉Join Foundership Community for Web3 + Technology Startups on Telegram: https://t.me/foundership

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I am hoping this post helps you to learn there is a real development happening with Web3 and Web3 is starting to go mainstream.

Thanks for sharing your time to read.




Santosh Panda

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