Hello World! Looking for New Avenues

I am now looking for new avenues to work! I am exploring an intense and growth-focused consulting role.


Explara is safe, and it will survive. My co-founder Ashok will lead along with team members. As the event industry has gone down, I have full-time in my hand to offer my expertise to the doers/to the businesses. After investing more than a decade in building a sustainable startup business, it seems like an opportune time for me to move on to new challenges. I am looking for roles that will help companies in Product-Market Fit, Product-led growth, Platform Evangelism and overall Product operation.

My work

With a shoestring budget, I built a successful business & brand Explara, serving thousands of customers across the globe.

12+ years of running a business, building a product and serving 100,000 customers worldwide.

Several product iterations, customer feedback, value mapping, pricing iterations, withstanding competitive scenarios and sold on my own to mid-market too. You will be getting an entrepreneur to work with, who built a product and sold too.

Before starting up a business, I had 12+ years of extensive experience in software architecture, design, product development and system integration, both early-stage and FTSE 100 companies in the UK, USA, Finland, and India.

During 2011–12, I helped my friends at Touchnote in London to rewrite the web product with a new architecture, and get the engineering team to launch a new version of the web product rapidly.

I worked with eBay UK (during 2007–08) to lead a product team to develop minimum-viable-products and successful extensions using eBay APIs for UK & EU markets.

I was part of the BBC Broadcast iPlayer product development during its maiden launch in 2007.

And, I was part of a team to develop Spoke Enterprise Referral Management, one of the earliest Social Networking enterprise tools to leverage professional contacts to generate referral sales leads. Spoke was launched in 2002, around the same time as LinkedIn.

My expertise:

Product-Market Fit: Having done 22 yrs of product work with several successful companies (& some failures too), you will get my incredible expertise.

Product-led growth: I will work with your team to identify product bottlenecks, usability, customer success inputs, and more to create a product-lead growth model for you.

Platform Evangelism: I write code(last in 2012), I understand architecture (any day), and a huge global network to get this set.

Product Operation: If you are a founder (who is a marketer) and got some traction already in your product, let me reshape your product operation.

+The Panda :)

I have been appreciated in my network as a resourceful person, having an ownership mindset and trustworthiness. I am passionate to support people in finding the right jobs/opportunities, and every company that I worked for will vouch for my passion and network to bring quality people to work.

You are most welcome to contact me. Email: panda dot santosh at gmail dot com




Taking Top Web3 Founders into the Next Orbit @FoundershipHQ Web3 Launcher🚀 Prev: Founder @Explara 2008 Super Connector. 👨🏽‍💻BLR: HEL: LAX: LON: PNQ: SIN

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Santosh Panda

Santosh Panda

Taking Top Web3 Founders into the Next Orbit @FoundershipHQ Web3 Launcher🚀 Prev: Founder @Explara 2008 Super Connector. 👨🏽‍💻BLR: HEL: LAX: LON: PNQ: SIN

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