India’s Struggle: Migrate to a comfortable life Or make a massive impact on humanity

Santosh Panda
2 min readMay 2, 2021

As India struggles with death numbers rising and mismanagement of large-scale basic facilities for the people, there are suggestions from many that India may witness people emigrating!

The world is an open boundary among many countries and people have been migrating for centuries. That will continue! But, as some people suggest (on media and especially Twitter) if Covid-19 will be an influencer for young people to migrate out of India, there is a grave injustice to India!

India has been a developing country, except for a particular section of people, only in the last two decades, lives are getting uplifted for the masses! I doubt how many Gen Y & Gen X would have afforded basic care unless the country opened its gate in 1991 and allow millions of new business and career opportunities.

India is still country-in-making; Covid-19 has struck it in its heart to reveal the bare truth: we are a poor country with large-scale infrastructure needs and most exemplary management. Unless that happens, India will always be going back in the past.

Now, you can see this as an opportunity to make it happen or migrate, and I will argue you should see this as an opportunity. Having lived abroad for a decade, I can dare to say many western countries will offer you comfort, but it won’t influence you to make a massive impact on humanity as India can!

Yes, India has limitations and a political system is interwoven with loyalty to religion, caste, families, and the past. People vote accordingly, which has been our most significant roadblock to uplift millions of lives!

If I were you, I will still put my bets for India and with India. Millions of young entrepreneurs are building from India for the world and will now significantly move forward to create wealth and uplift billions of people.

Wealth creation is the only limitation that is keeping India struggle!

With wealth, we will have 1000s of Azim Premji, Nandan Nilkerni, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and more joining to bring forward-thinking for large-scale infrastructure and process to move India forward.

You could be those influential minds for India for the next decades to uplift millions of lives by enabling wealth creation at the grass-root level.



Santosh Panda

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