Being a small-town boy, I saw micro-businesses in the 1990s in a small town in Odisha where I lived. My father being a banker, helped me to meet several of his business customers who were also from the same town: Hinjilcut in Odisha: Odisha CM Shri Naveen Patnaik’s own constituency.

Shifted to the big city in Odisha for studying, and then to Bhubaneswar and then to BLR for studies, and jobs took me to worldwide. And, built a business with grit for 10+ years to make it stand on its own feet.

The passion is always to see 10000s of startup from small towns/2nd-3rd tier cities in India to thrive. India needs to create a massive opportunity for people in small towns & 2nd tier/3rd tier cities to build world-class companies offering product/services. Only then India will achieve its full potential as a nation.

Building business is one of the grittiest thing, long years of trial, without funding, without a huge number of customers, market conditions, social pressures, and staying put in the journey. This is 100x more grittiest for folks building a business from small towns/2nd-3rd tier cities in India.

This is where I came from, and while building my business for the last 10+ years (of course grittiest way), there was always a burning “desire” to support folks.

This led me to announce

I was overwhelmed with the responses, ~ 100 founder mentorship request in last 6 to 8 weeks.🙏

🙌 Launching — Business growth mentoring network for Founders By Founders.

For now, I am doing. Based on the effectiveness of mentoring and interest from more mentors to join, will expand.

For now, you can find more about Grttiest on👋

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Taking Top Web3 Founders into the Next Orbit @FoundershipHQ Web3 Launcher🚀 Prev: Founder @Explara 2008 Super Connector. 👨🏽‍💻BLR: HEL: LAX: LON: PNQ: SIN

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Santosh Panda

Santosh Panda

Taking Top Web3 Founders into the Next Orbit @FoundershipHQ Web3 Launcher🚀 Prev: Founder @Explara 2008 Super Connector. 👨🏽‍💻BLR: HEL: LAX: LON: PNQ: SIN

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